Weihai Jiang Yuan Polymer Technology Co., Ltd.
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Weihai Jiangwon Polymer Technology Co.,Ltd. is located in Weihai City,Shandong,China.It is a collection of research, production and sales of an integrated company.Our products include Solid coating adhesive,environmentally-friendly solvent-based coating adhesive,Water-based products,Hardener,Textile paste and so on.Simultaneously,with the help of advanced technologies we introduced,we have developed environmentally-friendly water and oil repellent agents today.Our products are mainly used in textiles, clothing industries.
With a business vision of gaining advantages,seeking quality and always taking a leading position,our company is growing to the best manufacturer.We are open to all clients.
We are happy to cooperate with all clients and create a colorful life together.


  • Nanjing Road North,Lin’gang,Weihai,Shandong
  • 0631-5322889/5589600
  • 0631-5323876
  • whjygfz@126.com