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Polyurethane leather repellent
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Polyurethane leather repellent
First, the main use:
The synthetic leather is added to the polyurethane resin, so that the film is uniform and smooth.
The synthetic leather has the characteristics of waterproof and oil proof, and has the advantages of high water resistance, water resistance, anti pollution and easy decontamination effect.
Two, performance characteristics:
1 all synthetic leather polyurethane solution.
2 very good air permeability.
3 it has good water repellent effect, so it has good water resistance when added to polyurethane surface treatment agent.
4 with softness and antifouling, easy decontamination effect.
5 increase the use of this product, better oil resistance.
6 and polyurethane resin, simple to use, does not affect the stability of the mixture.
Four, usage and dosage:
1 Purpose: to prevent bubbles and hydrolysis in wet process of synthetic leather
The addition of polyurethane water repellent agent was 0.4 - 0.8%.
2 purpose: to improve the water resistance of polyurethane waterproof leather
The addition of polyurethane water repellent agent was 0.4 - 0.8%.
3 Purpose: after wet treatment of football, football shoes, with waterproof, anti fouling
The addition of polyurethane water repellent agent was 0.4 - 0.8%.
Five, processing conditions:
Material: non-woven
1, pretreatment: water repellent / DMF = 1 / 4 solution
2, soak: non-woven cloth immersed in resin for 4 minutes, roller compaction
3, coagulation: 15% DMF aqueous solution of 38 * * * 10 minutes
4, wash: 50 degrees warm water for 20 minutes
5, wash: 10 minutes
6, dry: 110 * * * 10 minutes
Special tips:
Formula and recommended process this information is provided by our experiment in laboratory experience, can guarantee applies to all processes; in the use of this product, you need to determine the formulation, process and the appropriate control method, in order to ensure your product consistency and quality requirements.

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